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eMedia Solutions

Internet, CD-R, USB

eMedia is any audio or visual media that can be readily delivered via the internet, CD-R or more frequently, on USB storage devices. Usually eMedia is a compressed format, such as Quicktime, MPEG, or AAC. eMedia is frequently used on websites. For example, an artist might have an album release party on his website featuring a number of videos from the upcoming album. Many record labels tend to use eMedia as a storage means for their artists’ press events and television interviews. Others like to host a streaming audio-only record release party via the internet.

Craigman Digital has an entire system dedicated to eMedia and its video and audio compression services. We have prepared presskit, website, and archive streams for over 50 major artists and their labels.

In addition, we offer Off-Air recording services for our customers’ internal promotional purposes. An artist may want a record of his broadcast appearances on television shows (such as Good Morning America or The Tonight Show). Craigman Digital’s Off-Air captures broadcast performances of artists for their management and labels to use as internal promotional tools.

Legal: Please note that broadcast performances are for content owners’ internal business purposes only, and may not be used for resale or for any distribution outside the company. Certain broadcasters have additional restrictions on their content. Craigman Digital offers Off-Air recording as a proxy service only, and does not collect royalties or residuals from any such recording.