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These are samples of some of our projects that we think kinda rock.

  • Creedence Clearwater Revival

    We were handed a couple of photos to design some Creedance Clearwater Revival DVD menus. Our client wasn’t quite sure how to handle the newspaper clippings and poster images they had. The menus are pretty standard, but we found a creative way of presenting them as a faux photo gallery.

  • Cute is What We Aim For

    Another relatively simple project that was rather dull to begin with until the artist provided a super high-resolution image that allowed us to really play around with the size and motion of what could otherwise have been a boring static presentation.

  • Classical

    We’ve authored a number of classical titles in addition to all the mainstream rock we’ve worked with. Here is a sample of some of the high-resolution surround-sound classical titles we’ve authored over the years.

  • Classic Rock

    We love rock, and apparently it loves us back. Here is a sample of some of our classic rock DVD titles.

  • MVI

    MVI design combines DVD menu design with PC and web-based interface graphic design. Each project contains hundreds of buttons, sliders and graphic presentation states.

  • Hard Rock

    Some very high-powered music has gone through our studios. Prepare to bang yer head.

  • Twilight

    While minimal in application, this series of menus was just fun to put together.

  • Contemporary

    We’re proud to have had the opportunity to work with these exceptional artists.

  • Acoustic Design

    While not a mainstay of our day-to-day business, this pet project shows the result of a creative approach to acoustic design. When challenged to find a way of improving the acoustics of a 62-foot hemispherical chamber, we couldn’t back down. This wooden interior was once the victim of its own design, as sounds in the room ping-ponged around for an eternity. By applying some basic acoustic principles (and assisted by the Fibonacci series), we were able to reduce the decay time of this room by over 60%, while covering only 20% of its surface with absorbent material.