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DVD Production

Comprehesive Services

A DVD project can begin as a straightforward idea, but can quickly blossom into a more complex and robust product. What was once a simple movie on DVD can mushroom into something much larger than that. In addition, many options can be overlooked, simply because the customer doesn’t know that they exist. Are there multiple pages? Is this project widescreen or 4 x 3? What if most of my material is anamorphic, but one or two videos are only available in 4 x 3? How do I deliver an HD source?

Craigman Digital offers comprehensive DVD production services, including project design, graphic preparation and menu design, video encoding, high-resolution and surround-sound audio mastering, and DVD authoring. We can help guide you through the process of designing a DVD project, or, if you prefer, we can just sit back and build the project you have already created. We have authored and delivered hundreds of DVD titles to date. We specialize in DVD-Audio authoring, and have extensive expertise in high-resolution audio and video.

Services Offered

  • Menu Design
  • Graphic Preperation
  • Audio Mastering (5.1 and Stereo)
  • MLP Encoding
  • AC-3 Encoding
  • DTS Encoding
  • MPEG-2 Encoding
  • DVD-Video Authoring
  • DVD-Audio Authoring
  • Master Delivery (DDP 1.1, DDP 2.0, CMF)