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Graphic Design

DVD and Blu-Ray Menus, Video Animation, Application Interfaces

Craigman Digital has produced menus for hundreds of DVDs. Some are created entirely by our design staff, while others are simply integrated layouts of art elements provided by you. Your menus can be as simple as static still menus or fully-animated motion graphics. DVD menus tend to be closely related to the content on disc, so we typically see menus that combine elements of the film or the promotional logos and visual elements associated with the final product. The higher the quality of these elements, the better your DVD menus will look. You can read more about DVD menu design here

Blu-Ray graphic design is a much more abstract version of DVD menu design. The Blu-Ray format allows us to move away from the standard Top Menu and Title features we’re used to seeing, allowing us to see an overlay of menu options while motion video plays in the background. Buttons can also be animated in Blu-Ray, so they slide in and out of frame or “pop” when selected. This gives Blu-Ray a much more web-like feel when we interact with it, making buttons more abstract and letting the content of the disc take over delivery of the visual element. You can read more about Blu-Ray menu design here