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Userful Resources for the Interested Student in All of Us

  • Bit Budget Allocation

    How Much Video Will Fit on My DVD?

    Part of DVD authoring is finding a balance between quality and storage space. The more stuff you put on disc, the lower the quality gets. This section will help to figure out what to expect from your DVD based on the assets you have.

  • DVD Production

    An Overview of DVD from the Edit Bay to the Plant

    DVD creation is not an intuitive process. Whether you’re new to the production team and have been thrown into the process or you’re a seasoned production professional who just hasn’t produced DVD yet, this section will help you understand the process (and the gotchas) involved in making a DVD right the first time.

  • Masters of the Dead Formats

    The audio and video formats we use today are not necessarily the best, and those that have gone by the wayside aren’t necessarily inferior products, either (though we won’t miss some of them at all). Take a graveyard tour of some of our dear departed formats, and get some insight into what happened to put them 6 feet under.

  • PCM vs DSD

    Digital audio enters a format war, and both formats lose. This study compares the differences between the primary audio carriers in the DVD-A vs SACD throwdown.

  • Black Levels

    When is black black? When is white white? Improper video setup will adversely affect the quality of your final product. Why does it matter, and how do we make sure our videos look as good to our audience as they do to us in the mastering bay?